Located within the vibrant ecosystem of the Gainesville Innovation District, Aurita Bioscience is driven by a mission to develop innovative solutions that address the challenges in cancer research. The company's Liquid Like Solids culture material, akin to hand sanitizer, creates a three-dimensional matrix where cells and tissues are suspended and studied. This unique approach allows for the accurate representation of in vivo conditions, offering researchers a more comprehensive understanding of cellular behavior and responses to treatments.

At the heart of Aurita Bioscience's revolutionary system are the Darcy Plates, named after French engineer Henry Darcy, which securely hold the 3D-suspended tissue samples in place. Similar to a filter in a kidney dialysis machine, the plates facilitate fluid flow while ensuring the integrity of the tissues. This innovative design enables the continuous perfusion of nutrients and waste removal, mimicking the physiological environment of living organisms.

One of the remarkable applications of Aurita Bioscience's technology is its contribution to COVID-19 research. By utilizing the 3D system, researchers at the University of Florida studied the virus's impact on lung tissue. To precisely position the lung tissue on the Darcy Plates, they developed the BioPelle, a micro-manipulator that offers exceptional precision even at the cellular level. This breakthrough technology has expanded the possibilities for studying infectious diseases and accelerating the development of therapeutics.

The Gainesville Innovation District's collaborative environment has played a pivotal role in Aurita Bioscience's success. The district's emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and access to top-tier talent and resources has enabled the company to thrive. Aurita Bioscience actively engages with the district's vibrant community, participating in local initiatives and forging partnerships with other innovative organizations. By leveraging the district's ecosystem, Aurita Bioscience aims to maximize its impact and contribute to the overall growth of the biomedical industry in Gainesville.

As Aurita Bioscience continues to push the boundaries of cancer research, its presence in the Gainesville Innovation District serves as a catalyst for scientific advancements. The company's dedication to interdisciplinary collaboration, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to improving patient outcomes positions it as a frontrunner in the fight against cancer. Through their transformative work, Aurita Bioscience is driving innovation, attracting top talent, and solidifying the Gainesville Innovation District as a hub for groundbreaking discoveries in the biomedical field.