LAKE MARY, Fla., May 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoPhotonica, an industry leader in quantum dot, nanomaterials and device technology, today announced that it has secured a $3.5M investment from Samsung Ventures and DeepWork Capital (formerly the FAN Fund). The investment, led by Samsung Ventures, will help the company further develop and commercialize its world-class quantum dot and related nanomaterial technology.

The Company's breakthrough electroluminescent quantum dot light emitting diode (EL-QLED) device technology will ensure that the next generation of displays will exhibit superior brightness, resolution, thinness (flexible/foldable), viewing angle and power consumption that current LCD, OLED and QD Overlay based approaches simply cannot provide. 

"This means that NanoPhotonica's device technology will cost-effectively unleash the full power of quantum dots on HDTV and smartphone displays, virtual reality, connected cars, signage and, in the near future, autonomous vehicles that will have multiple, bright displays in them for infotainment reasons," said Chris Morton, CEO, NanoPhotonica. "Essentially everywhere consumers need a high performance display that fits the needs of their electronics and environment."

NanoPhotonica is widely recognized as the industry leader in nanomaterials and device technology for EL-QLED. The company has received several industry awards, and is partnering with a number of major display and chemical companies worldwide to maximize the commercial impact of their technology.

Samsung Ventures' investment in NanoPhotonica reflects further the belief that the company has created world class QLED technology that has the potential to make a significant impact in the display sector. NanoPhotonica will utilize the investment to hire more engineering staff, finalize development and move to the commercialization phase of their offering.

"We are delighted to have Samsung Ventures and DeepWork Capital as investors. Their interest in, and support of, our nanotechnology reinforces the fact that NanoPhotonica is on track to play a major role in the evolution of high performance, cost effective displays, worldwide," commented Dr. Morton.

About NanoPhotonica

NanoPhotonica provides innovative nano-materials and fabrication techniques that enable electronic displays with high resolution, pure, vivid colors, and high efficiency at significantly reduced manufacturing cost. NanoPhotonica's system of light emitting nano-materials, including Quantum Dots (QDs), and method of layering these materials together, form the core technology for a new generation of electronic displays. NanoPhotonica's award-winning nano-materials, talented and motivated team, and effective growth strategy have gained world-wide recognition and caught the eye of several large display manufacturers who have become development collaborators. Together, they are bringing "Electroluminescent Quantum Dot-Light Emitting Diode (EL-QLED)" displays to HDTVs, smartphones, to tablets and notebooks, and beyond.

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